Robert Johnson photo R. E. Johnson Consulting specializes in services related to Automated Road Vehicles (ARVs), including those used in Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) systems. ARVs differ from Automated Highways in that ARV vehicles are owned and operated as a single fleet. They generally run only on exclusive roadways at speeds of 25 mph (40 kph) or less. For more information about ARVs, please see which we maintain to promote public awareness of this promising new technology.

We believe that rapid advances in electronics will make ARVs the mode of choice for an increasing number of public transit and internal circulation applications that are now handled by people movers or shuttle buses. ARVs are much less expensive than people movers, and provide far better service than shuttle buses. The smallest ARVs carry about four passengers. They can be used as the basis of a PRT system with low total cost, since unlike mechanically constrained vehicles they don't need a precisely aligned guideway. Both the Masdar and ULTra/Heathrow PRT systems use battery powered ARVs.